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Collective Workshop

Paris (France), 2015

What is offered to see on these painted walls? A random gathering of heterogeneous symbols. All these elements refer to identity forms, actual or passed. As they were imposed to this fresco, these symbols are imposed to us. However, this painting is not an occasion to sacrifice them, nor is it to remove them from public spaces under the call of authoritative neo-modernist refusing any identity other than the one of a superior new-world-citizen. None of this. No Haro either, through this “No Culture”, against forms from the past, no bitterness nor hate please, but a souvenir of what they use to mean. NO CULTURE simply to remind us that what we are made of only exists relatively to a moment. These symbols which represent us and which we know, follow an unstoppable transformation, should it be happy, aware, conscious. These symbols do not trap us, we wanted to affirm that, because ultimately what proves to be determining, is the manner to conduct a moment with others than ourselves, but yet for ourselves. The identities that reveal through those symbols, which put the bases of a meaning and significance, are never irremediably determined to remain as is, still, in a time wrap. On the contrary, we think that the strength of our attachments, of the links that bond us together, this force resides in our ability to change. Renouncing to identity, to stillness, to the certitude to be unique self, inalterable. Renouncing to this without being frustrated to always reinvent ourselves, when unknown comes up, and perpetuate the light memory of those symbols that bond us together through a difference of souvenirs, new encounters, new links. By this fresco we also want to keep a souvenir, of this instant – intense and too short – where we all shared the time and the space of an afternoon. The difference is as much the condition of an encounter as the one of a sensible experience, it brings its wealth. Remembering images, to share the memory of a story to invent.


Arthur Perini (Point B'art)

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